4 Strategies To Increase Your Production Capacity

Although it can feel great to be shipping orders out the door left, right and center, at the same time a dramatic increase in sales can put immense pressure on your company infrastructure. Luckily there are options available to you to help ease the stress and meet the increasing demand from your customers and clients.

#1 – Working overtime

One of the most obvious and most commonly used methods of dealing with an increase in demand is to work longer hours to get the job done. While it’s true that this can help you on occasions, it should not be seen as a viable long term strategy. Working overtime puts pressure on both you and your employees and can lead to a drop in morale. Tired workers are also likely to make more mistakes, be absent off work with sickness and are often far less productive than their well-rested counterparts.

#2 – Subcontracting

Another short term fix is to outsource work to other businesses that may be able to help you achieve your production goals. Outsourcing work to other companies can allow you some valuable breathing space when you’re working to your limit. So consider asking an experienced company to take care of fulfilment, HR or other important duties that can relieve some pressure.  However, remember that it is important to brief external providers properly and check in to make sure that the work they are completing for you is of the highest quality.

#3 – Improving your layout

A longer-term strategy that you can turn to when you are feeling stretched is to focus on optimising your current operations. Taking a close inspection of each area of your business can help highlight ways that you can improve and show you where your business is having problems. One key way that you can optimise your warehouse is to focus on improving your layout. Mezzanine floors, for example, can allow you to reposition entire assembly lines, create new areas for picking and packing and ultimately provide you with further space and flexibility.

#4 – Increasing your storage capacity

A fourth way to keep up with the growth of your business is to invest in your equipment. Installing new sophisticated conveyor systems, machinery, or racking and even hiring new staff can help you to greatly increase your output. However, finding space can sometimes prove to be a challenge. Mezzanine floors can provide you with a convenient and cost-effective way to maximise your productivity by using overhead space that would normally be wasted at a fraction of the cost of finding new premises to relocate to.

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